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We do not remember days, we remember moments.

At Fleuria, we hope to cherish every small moment with you by weaving flowers into your daily life. Be it a cup of coffee at the café, delicious pastries you share with your loved ones or an impromptu bouquet designed by yourself just to brighten up the day, Fleuria is here to bring the moment to its full bloom.

Every flower and foliage are a perfect creation from nature. We tend every stem with an eye for details to create bespoke floral arrangements of beautiful varieties for any special occasion.


Without nature, flowers do not grow and birds do not sing. Fleuria is created with sustainability in mind by using packagings kind to the planet. Our gift cards, envelope and flower care cards are printed with FSC® paper, and other packaging with biodegradable and compostable materials whenever possible. Hand-poured in small batch production,
vegan, and burn clean, our Fleuria Candles are made with 100% natural wax that comes in a jar made from recycled material.

We partner with corporates and NGOs on corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes and activities. Since 2024 Spring, we have teamed up with V Cycle, an enviro-social company integrating disadvantaged social groups through recycling and manufacturing roles in Hong Kong with environmental consciousness and human compassion in mind. Being the first florist café partner, Fleuria plays a part in waste management and recycling on retail level, where V Cycle turns the sorted recyclable into raw material for creating new products.

In order to further our commitment to supporting local communities, we have taken an initiative to introduce scented candles hand-poured by underprivileged single mothers from Hong Kong onto our store shelves. This collaboration, made possible through the combined efforts of BeCandle and J Life Foundation, aims to empower women and create opportunities for them.

By purchasing these candles at Fleuria, you not only bring home a beautifully crafted product but also contribute to the betterment of the community. Every single candle sold will directly benefit the underprivileged single mothers involved in this project, uplifting these deserving women and promoting female empowerment.

Fleuria's commitment to community engagement extends beyond its daily operation. The company has started flower arrangement workshops at local eldercare homes in Hong Kong. At one of these held in partnership with Chi Lin Nunnery, Fleuria provided the elderly residents with fresh seasonal blooms to create beautiful floral arrangements. The workshops not only bring joy and a creative outlet to the residents, but also foster intergenerational connections. The Fleuria team works closely with the eldercare staff to ensure the workshops are tailored to the needs and abilities of the participants.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives and foster a stronger, more inclusive community.

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